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Cost of club Volleyball

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Cost of Club Volleyball

Averages $800 to $3600

Travel not included

National Teams- cost usually over $1500 dollars per player (ten players $15000)

Regional Teams- cost usually over $1000 dollars per player (ten players $10000)

Local Teams- cost usually over $800 dollars per player (ten players $8000)


Profit- lets say 25% after all expenses club with 10 teams at $1500 per players easily could be over $150000 in revenue, with a after expenses profit of maybe $30000. While there is situations I have not mentioned here this is a more or less explanation.

What to Consider-

Tryout fees- usually 25 to 50 bucks every season. Commitment fee can run from 200 to 600 dollars to join a club.


Practices- is it near your home? Minimum is usually twice per week. Gas and late night food can add to your cost of club, look at least another 200-400 bucks in gas and food per month.

Tournaments- usually 8-10 per season, out of town tournaments will be a concern, out of state tournaments are costly. All the figures above do not include travel and hotel expenses. Add another 200-800 bucks per month for club tournament food, gas and hotels. Flights are expensive no matter who books it.

Stay and Pay- ask your club about this, some tournaments besides the cost of participating and gate entry, they also require you book a hotel through one of their travel agents i.e. commissions.

Clinics- watch out for mandatory clinics and other profit makers.

Holidays- ask about scheduling tournaments on holidays, you could easily be spending Christmas in Smalltown USA.

Summer leagues and Beach- good if not costly and for fun, again this is to keep the profits rolling. Playing competitive ball year round can cause injuries and burn out.

Coaches- consider you already pay a club coach and the middle and high school coaches through your taxes. Watch out for clubs who have more coaches than your local school district, it adds to your cost and puts you in the higher averages.

Club Expenses- the big ones are coaches salaries, gym rentals, tournaments and registration fees.

Volleyball after High School- does your player want to play after graduating? Some rather pursue their degree, i.e. nursing, physician, business or join the military.

The Cost of club volleyball is more than you think, look at your cost as well as the club cost.

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